Etiquette Lessons: Dessert


Desserts in Brazil tend to be homemade or made in-house – pre-made carrot cake or cheesecake will not be easily found.  Some of the most popular desserts are pumpkin and coconut mousse, crème de papaya (papaya cream), guava jam and bolo de fuba (sweet cornmeal cake).

  • Tip: Fresh fruit always goes along with dessert in Brazil. If you have a particular affinity for one fruit over another, ask your server (or a local) which final course might be right for you.
  • Bonus Tip: Have an insatiable sweet tooth? Every visitor to Brazil must pay a visit to a Brazilian bakery before they depart. These bakeries are usually open 24 hours and are chock-full of fresh breads and pastries representing every culinary influence that Brazil has to offer.